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7th February 2019

TRTC Ladies Conquer the Cold in the London Winter Run

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It’s been a cold start to the year but nothing stops the TRTC women!

It was minus 6C when Jeanette, Anna and Julie set off on the early train to the start of the 10k London Winter Run in Trafalgar Square this past Sunday, 3rd February. But the skies were bright blue and they had a shared goal of finishing this Cancer Research UK charity race in under an hour.

The 10k course is a mostly flat one that goes through the heart of London and past some of our iconic landmarks.

Terry Rodham Triathlon Coaching

There were some tricky bits around the City of London with the route running through several hairpin bends and switchbacks around cones. All those Pain Pitch drills that we’ve practised week in and week out meant that all three ladies were able to cope easily with the sharp twists and turns. And the Fartlek training gave them the confidence to push their speed towards the finish (where they were greeted by a funnel of polar bears).

Jeanette’s official time was 52.50, Julie’s 52.54 and Anna’s 55.45, meaning that all 3 achieved their goal of completing the race in under one hour – easily! Not only that, in a field of over 18,000 runners, they all finished in the top 9% of women in their age group and in the top 10% of female runners overall. Even more remarkably, Jeanette and Julie (who weren’t able to start together on the day) finished just one place (and 4 seconds!) apart.

Terry Rodham Triathlon CoachingBig smiles all around! Anna, Jeanette and Julie

Super well done to Anna, Jeanette and Julie! Winter training can feel especially hard but when there are rewards like this, it’s definitely worth it!

It may be cold and dark outside, but winter training will provide the foundation for your triathlon season. Contact me today and let’s get started!



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