Triathlon is an individual sport, yet it can sometimes feel like a lonely one. Training as part of a group of like-minded athletes with comparable goals and aspirations can provide on-going encouragement and motivation, and the inspiration to push that much further outside of our perceived boundaries.

Swim Squad

Hone your triathlon swimming technique. Gain experience, confidence and knowledge. Get motivated and improve your fitness. The TRTC Swim Squad is a 1-hour coached group session in the pool at Chalfont St Peter Leisure Centre that covers the many aspects of the Triathlon swim. Focusing on both technical and conditioning drills, this session will refine and perfect your swim stroke and technique. (Please note: some swimming experience is required; these are coached Triathlon swim discipline sessions focused on the front crawl/freestyle.)

£10 per session or £90 for 10 sessions

Watt Bike Squad

This is the perfect opportunity to maximise your training time and really get stuck into some high intensive, good quality training. Watt Bike Squad training focuses on both the specific physical and technical elements of cycling with the ultimate goal – to ride faster! These Watt bike group sessions are held in the TRTC ‘Pain Cave’ in Chalfont St Peter. Spaces are limited so please book in advance

Squad sessions take place on –
Tuesday 19.30-20.30, Thursday 19.00-20.00, Saturday 16.00-17.00

£10 per 1-hour session or £90 for 10 1-hour sessions

Road Cycling Squad

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, weekly road cycling group sessions will develop and progress our skills and the conditioning we’ve gained from our Watt bike sessions. On the road we’ll be able to practice and further develop our bike handling skills and conditioning, with a focus on future races. Let’s not forget it’s also a chance to travel and experience our beautiful countryside! These road sessions will typically be in excess of 2 hours with the prospect of racking up a 100 miler or two!