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1st December 2018

TRTC 2018 Advent Calendar – 24 triathlon training tips for the winter

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Introducing the TRTC 2018 Advent Calendar with 24 triathlon training tips for your winter season.

The holiday season is fast approaching and Advent calendars are an intrinsic part of our countdown to Christmas. I’d never really thought much about Advent beyond the traditional Advent calendars I use with my children every year – typically a calendar with paper doors that have a piece of chocolate behind them!

So, in the spirit of Christmas and Advent, I’ve created my very own TRTC Advent Calendar with 24 triathlon training tips for the winter. Beginning tomorrow through Christmas I’ll post an expanded daily version of each of these training tips on Instagram to help you maximise your off-season and maintain your fitness over the holiday season.

24 triathlon training tips for the winter

  1. Make a new Playlist
  2. Don’t hit that snooze button
  3. Train at lunchtime
  4. Indulge in moderation and eat sensibly
  5. Plan for bad weather
  6. Take advantage of good weather
  7. Safety first
  8. Swim technique time
  9. Do some running races
  10. Get planking!
  11. Master run technique
  12. Strength & Conditioning
  13. Do some gym brick sessions
  14. Vary your training
  15. Avoid burnout
  16. Test your baseline
  17. Progressive intensity
  18. Set new goals
  19. Bike maintenance
  20. Turbo training
  21. Time for new kit?
  22. Plan Your 2019 Season
  23. Sort Out Any Niggles
  24. Keep A Training Diary


Follow me on Instagram to get your your full Advent training tips!

Have a great Christmas and New Year’s everyone. Can’t wait to start 2019!




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