If we want something we’ve never had, we must do something we’ve never done. To achieve the extraordinary requires both desire and planning, and belief as well as action.

Triathlon equally reveals and builds character. Commitment, determination, patience, focus, application, work ethic and self-belief are all important elements for success in triathlon. But the benefits of triathlon transcend the sport itself and the definition of that success will be different for each of us. As a competitive sport, it’s all too easy to become fixated on the races and the race outcomes. But training for and competing in triathlon means different things for each of us.

For some of us, just getting to the starting line may be our biggest challenge. For others, getting to the finish line is all that matters, while still others target time and personal bests, winning races or even representing their country on a global stage.

“No one gets there on their own.”

Terry Rodham


No matter your level, your ability or your aspiration, TRTC is all about you and accompanying you on your journey to become the best triathlete you can be. We work together to progress your technique and your times across the swim, bike and run disciplines, improve your race results, and most importantly, enjoy the sport of triathlon.

Whether it’s a bespoke programme, 1-to-1 coaching, squad training or all-around fitness, TRTC provides the support you need to get fitter, faster and love your Triathlon.

Triathlon Coaching and Mentoring

Choose from 4 coaching packages:
• One-to-one bespoke coaching and mentoring or
• 2 levels of bespoke 12-week programmes or
• a standard 4-week training plan across the swim, bike, run disciplines.

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Personal Training

One-to-one bespoke strength and conditioning sessions

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Squad Training

Swim Squad
Triathlon pool and open water swim group sessions in Chalfont St Peter

Watt Bike Squad
Watt bike group sessions in the ‘Pain Cave’ in Chalfont St Peter

Road Cycling Squad
On-the-road group cycling sessions across various terrains in all weather.

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Bike Fitting

The biomechanics of our bodies are unique to us as individuals and a professional bike fit enhances your comfort on your bike, optimises your cycling efficiency and helps prevents injury.

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Training Camps

• 7-night/6-day training in the beautiful Andalucia region of southern Spain.
• Weekend training in various locations in England.

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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy isn’t just for elite athletes, and it’s not solely for when you may be recovering from injury. Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy to improve athletic performance as well as all-around health.

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Athlete Testimonials